Fire Damage Restoration

With certified technicians by the IIRC in several water damage restoration areas, Pico Rivera Water Damage is a trusted name. We understand the problems that are caused by water damage, which is why we ensure that our service quality is above any other and if you feel the need for our services, we are available immediately. We are a licensed body and insured by CSLB #958554, so you can rely on us.

Our success has led to a decision which will please many of our existing customers; we are expanding our services to fire damage restoration. We have taken this decision because we want to extend our services to people who are troubled because their house was burned down and they don’t know where to turn.

Why Is Fire Damage Restoration Important?
If you have ever had the misfortune of a fire breaking out in your house, you know that a fire truck isn’t the end of the story. A fire truck’s job is to put out the fire, but once they do, a lot of damage is left behind that may, or may not be visible.

A clear aftermath of a fire breaking out is blackened ceilings and walls, damaged furniture and other besmirched items, like burnt glasses and plastic material. The soot left behind by the fire is the chief culprit and it renders many things useless like utensils and metal objects. However, that is not necessarily the extent of the damage. Though this is all the damage that your naked eye can see, there will be other invisible damage which needs to be taken care of.

It is equally important to repair the damage which cannot be seen by a layman’s eyes. The very foundations of your building, for example, could have been damaged, and in such a case, it is crucial that the impairment be restored.

However, restoration of fire destruction isn’t a job for non-professionals. So it is important to hire a professional service to perform an adequate repair.

Why Choose Us?
Because Pico and Rivera Fire damage restoration is a professional service available 24/7 for your convenience. We understand that fire can break out anywhere and at any time, which is why our professional technicians are always available.

We have professionally trained employees who can take responsibility of restoring fire damages. We start by having our professionals examine the damage caused by the fire and determine the level of soot and smoke left behind. They also immediately determine the materials that have been affected by the fire and once everything has been scrutinized, they get to the restorations.

We have accumulated years of experience in the damage restoration field and we have a fair comprehension of how this job needs to be done. Just like our water restoration damage service, our fire restoration damage technicians are also IIRC certified and completely reliable. Our technicians can provide services ranging from, but not limited to:

• Applied Structural drying
• Odor control
• Carpet Cleaning
• Fire and Smoke restoration

These are only a few of the great services we provide to our customers and that too at a very quick response rate.

So don’t hesitate to call us now at 562-268-5200, and reserve your fire damage service today!